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Special fasteners for wind power equipment

Special fasteners for wind power equipment
Wind power equipment, fixed and fastening the use of connections, the general assembly.
Basic parameters
● Material: Alloy steel
● Specification:M24-M100(/1″-4″)
● Length:20mm~1500mm
● Grade:
● Steel ISO898:8.8~12.9;J429 Gr.2-Gr.8
● Surface: black, galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, Dacromet, Teflon and so on
Type size and mark example
Parameters Table
Bolt specifications and reference standards
Material Steel
General requirements EN 14399-1
Thread Tolerance 6ga
International Standard ISO261,ISO 965-2
Mechanical properties Property class 10.9
European Standard EN ISO 898-1
Impact strength Value K vmin=27 j at-20℃
Test pieceb ISO 148
Test EN 10045-1
Tolerance Product grade C except:
dimensions c and r
Tolerance for lengths≥155mm: +IT 17
International Standard EN ISO 4759-1
Surface finishc normal as processedd
hot dip galvanized EN ISO 10684
others to be agreedd
Surface discontinuities Linits for surface discontinuities as specified in EN 26157-1.
Acceptability For acceptance procedure,see EN ISO 3267.